Product Registration

We truly appreciate that you have chosen to purchase an Alfresco and we want to help you protect your lifestyle enhancing investment. That’s why we back our products with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the business and why it’s so important to complete this Product Registration And Confirmation of Ownership form.

  1. SAFETY: Registering your product guarantees quick action on support, servicing your product, and in the unlikely event of a product safety issue.
  2. CONFIRMATION OF OWNERSHIP: Registering your product will verify your ownership in the event of product theft or loss.
  3. WARRANTY SERVICE: Registering your product will help you obtain more efficient warranty service in case there is a problem with your product.
  4. ADDITIONAL PRODUCT INFORMATION: Registering your product guarantees that you’ll receive all updated information regarding your investment, new product, and accessory offerings, and tips on how to enhance your culinary experience and creations.
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