Food Warming

Island Accessories


This oversized unit is perfect for keeping prepared items warm while you’re putting the finishing touches on the rest of the meal.

  • All commercial stainless steel welded construction
  • Includes removable food pans
  • Full-width stainless steel handle
  • Electronic temperature control

Electric Warming Drawer

Food Warmer / Steam Table

Food Warmer Steam Table

Features 3 removable stainless steel food pans with covers, and a slide-out drawer for Sterno-type fuel canisters.
Built-in Model #AXEFW Specs
Built-in Model #AXEFW CAD Drawing
Cart Model #AXEFWC

Electric Food Warmer


30″ Wide Drawer with electronic temperature control.
Model #AXEWD-30 Specs
Model #AXEWD-30 CAD Drawing