Cutout Information

Proper Fit and Performance

Carefully following the information below is the best way to ensure the proper fit and performance of your Alfresco components.

Please note that enclosures should be constructed entirely from non-flammable materials.
If your enclosure is combustible, then the use  of an insulated jacket manufactured by Alfresco is required.

The files below are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Alfresco Cutouts
AB Doors
AB Drawers
AB-30DR VersaPower accessory drawer
AB-DDC Combo door drawer units
AB-TC Trash center
AB-TH Towel holder
AGVPC Cutouts
AIJ-30 Cutouts
AIJ-36 Cutouts
AIJ-42 Cutouts
AIJ-56 Cutouts
Under-grill Refrigerator (ARFG) important cutout requirements (111Kb PDF)