Grill Accessories

56" ALXE All-Grill


Indirect Roasting Pod

accessories indir roasting podCreates additional air gap between food and heat for slow roasting and conveniently holds drip pan for easy clean-up and basting. Uses adjacent burner for true indirect roasting. Fits any Alfresco grill except the 36ALXE. Model #AIC-POD Spec Sheet

Wok and Wok Ring

accessorieswokringCommercial wok and ring for use on side burner or on the grill. Professional Wok Model #AG-WOK.
Wok Ring Model #AG-WR

Insulated Jacket

Insulated JacketIf your enclosure is to be built of combustible materials, then an insulated jacket is required for safe installation of your grill.
Model #AIJ (plus the size of the grill)
Cutout Specs

Steamer / Fryer / Pasta

accessoriessteamerfryerDrops into any Alfresco grill to blanch, steam, fry, or boil. All stainless steel. Model #AG-SF

Commercial Griddle

accessoriescomgriddle3/16″ solid stainless steel plate
with side and back splash,
great  for teppan, fajitas,
breakfast, or juicy burgers.
For Side Burner Model #AGSB-G.
For Grill Model #AGSQ-G